Impromptu Fable

Impromptu fable


There was once a boy who lived by the seashore.

He liked to bring his parents gifts.

One day he brought home a beautiful stone.

“Rocks are for outside,” said his father,

and dropped the stone on the garden path.

Another time the boy brought home

a perfect pinecone fresh from the forest.

“This is all sticky,” said his mother,

throwing the pinecone in the trash.

But then the boy brought home a ring-

the stone was simple but rather large

and glistened beautifully in the sun.

“Where did you get this?” cried his parents.

“Were there other rings? What did you see?”

And at that moment, the boy decided

never to bring another gift home.

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4 thoughts on “Impromptu Fable

  1. I like the story. I remember my sun used to bring things. Once he brought a huge nail covered with rast, the other time a huge root of a tree. I kept them.

    • Thank you, Khatuna. Sorry It’s taken me so long to respond.
      I hope you will download my story Counting the Wounds from Amazon.
      Read it and let me know what you think. I hope to see you this
      August and enjoy your good company again.

  2. Hi Lyn, here’s a piece of my puisi sejengkal and I’ve provided a loose translation for it too, not sure if the translation makes any sense :D.

    Bila Tok Dalang mula bernyanyi
    Bait-bait helah menampakkan diri
    Mengulit si ralit yang asyik memerhati
    Gerak bayang-bayang yang rancak menari
    Penguat cerita hikayat dewa dewi
    Demi bulan bintang cinta kita bersemi
    Maka berteriaklah si tolol keseronokan
    Bertepuk tangan ia tanpa segan
    Kain londeh pun tak lagi dirapikan
    Biar telanjang bulat janji cukup makan.

    As the shadow puppeteer starts to sing
    Deceitful verses flutter about
    Deluding the awestruck gullible
    Shadows are now dancing
    To the rhythm of the gods and goddesses lore
    “By the moon and the stars our love shall be immortalized”
    And so cries the fool gaily
    He stands up and applauds – thunderously audible
    His loose, unsecured sarong ignored
    Let there be not a single thread on me
    so long as my belly is full.

    • I am fascinated by the “shadow puppeteer”- and the last tines of this are strong! I wish you the very best, Alia.
      I look forward to closer communication on facebook and elsewhere- Keep going! I don’t know if you heard my good news-
      a story of mine, Counting the Wounds, is on You can download a copy for 99 cents. I hope you will, and
      let me know what you think. Remembering yesteryear–

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