Counting the Wounds

Counting the Wounds is my new short story available on Amazon Kindle.

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Praise for Lyn Coffin’s Writing: “Lyn Coffin… respects the contours of reality and gives us, in a most unusual form, a story about illusion and self-deception.”  –Joyce Carol Oates, about Coffin’s story “Falling Off the Scaffold”, published in The Best American Short Stories 1979

In her short story “Counting the Wounds”, Coffin again wrestles with the topics of reality and illusion, truth and facade. It is the seventh day of the rest of Susan’s life — a life in which an unexpected tragedy has called everything into question.

Counting the Wounds is a story told obliquely – its style mirroring Susan’s experience as she is faced with a brutal reality: What Susan wants she has lost; what she says she no longer wants, becomes all she has left. The story circles, never looking directly at the event that has overturned Susan’s world until the end when Susan must accept that the only way past grief is to move directly through it.

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