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  • Books

    • Human Trappings, Abattoir Editions (1980)
    • Elegies by Jiří Orten, CVU Press, (1981). Translation from Czech.
    • The Plague Column by Jaroslav Seifert, CVU Press (1981). Translation from Czech used by the Nobel Committee in granting Seifert his prize.
    • The Poetry of Wickedness, Ithaca House (1982)
    • Poems of Akhmatova, W.W. Norton (1983). Translation from Russian. Reviewed in The New York Review of Books.
    • Crystals of the Unforeseen, Plain View Press (1999)
    • More than One Life, by Miloslava Holubova, Northwestern University Press (2000). Translation from Czech, with Zdenka Brodska, and Alex Zucker.
    • Islands in the Stream of Time, by Germain Droogenbroodt, (2008). Translation from Dutch, with the collaboration of the author.
    • White Picture”, by Jiri Orten (2011). Translation from the Czech, with Eva Eckert, Zdenka Brodska, Leda Pugh. Night Publishing, UK, (2011).
    • “East and West”, poems (and Mongolian translations), with Bavuudorj Tsog. Ulaanbataar, (2012).
    • “მე ორივე ვარ” (“I Am Both”). Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, translated into Georgian by Gia Jokhadze, Mertskuli (Tbilisi), 2012.
    • “Joseph Brodsky was Joseph Brodsky,” Levan Kavleli Publishing, 2012 (This book was reviewed by Judith Roche, in Big Bridge, 2013)
    • “Georgian Anthology of Poetry”. Translation from Georgian, ed, by Dodona Kiziria, with the help of Gia Jokhadze. Slavica (Indiana University), September, 2013.
    • “Animalarky,” by Zaza Abiadnidze. Translation from Georgian, September, 2013.
    • “Miniatures,” poetry by Giorgi Kekelidze. Translation from Georgian, October, 2013.
    • “Still Life with Snow”, by Dato Barbakadze. Translation from Georgian, with Nato Alhazishvili, 2014 (This book received a $2000 translation award from the Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monuments.)
    • “A Taste of Cascadia,” two plays. Whale Road Books, March, 2015.
    • “The First Honeymoon,” short fiction. Iron Twine Press, April, 2015.
    • “A Marriage Without Consummation,” poetry, with Givi Alkhazishvili. English and Georgian. Whale Road Books. April 2016.
    • “10 by 10” (plays by Lyn and Natalya Churlyaeva in Russian and English, face en face). Bedouin Books, August, 2015.
    • The Knight in the Panther Skin,” by Shota Rustaveli, poetry. Translation from Georgian. Poesia Press. September, 2015.
    • “Standing on Earth, the poetry of Mohsen Emadi,” forthcoming from Phoneme Media [1]. Translated from the Persian with the author, September, 2016, or Perseus Book Groups [2].
    • “A Boy Named Piccolo,” translation from the Georgian (“Salamura”), with Nika Mukheli, illustrated by Vaho Muskheli. Forthcoming June, 2016, Transcendent Zero Press.
    • “Henry and Punkin,” children’s story, illustrated by Reza Bigonah, forthcoming from Iron Twine Press, July, 2016.
    • “The First Honeymoon,” second edition, with additional work, forthcoming from Iron Twine Press, August, 2016.
  • An Erased Poem by Billy Collins
  • Initiation



  • Many Trails to the Summit: Poems by Forty-Two Northwest Poets, Ed. David Horowitz, Rose Alley Press (2010)
  •  Limbs of the Pine, Peaks of the Range: Poems by Twenty-Six Pacific Northwest Poets, Ed. David Horowitz, Rose Alley Press (2007)
  • Wind Eyes: A Woman’s Reader and Writing Source, Ed. Susan Bright and Margo LaGattuta, Plain View Press (1997)
  • Against Forgetting: Twentieth Century Poetry of Witness Ed. Carolyn Forché, Norton (1993). Translation from Czech of Jiri Orten.
  • A Garland for Harry Duncan, Ed. Tom Taylor (1989)
  • The Best American Short Stories 1979, Ed. Joyce Carol Oates, Hougton Mifflin Company (1979)
  • Pencil Letter by Irina Ratushinskaya, Bloodaxe Books (1988). Anthology of translations, from the Russian.



  • forthcoming: The Knight in the Panther Skin, by Shota Rustaveli, Poezia, Tbilisi, 2015.
  • Still Life with Snow, by Dato Barbakadze, translated by Lyn and Nato Alhazishvili, bedouin books, April, 2014.
  • Animalarky, by Zaza Abiadnidze. Translated from the Georgian. Ice House Press, 2014.
  • Georgian Poetry Rustaveli to Galaktion: A Bilingual Anthology, Ed. Lyn Coffin. Slavica Indiana University (2013). Translation from Georgian.
  • White Picture,” by Jiri Orten, Night Publishing (2011). Translation from the Czech, with Eva Eckert, Zdenka Brodska, Leda Pugh
  • In the Stream of Time: Selected Poems by Germain Droogenbroodt (2008), Translation from Dutch with collaboration by the author.
  • More than One Life by Miloslava Holubova, Northwestern University Press (2000). Translation from Czech, with Zdenka Brodska and Alex Zucker.
  • Poems of Akhmatova, Ed. Lyn Coffin, W.W. Norton (1983). Translation from Russian. Reviewed in The New York Review of Books January 19, 1984.
  • Elegies by Jiří Orten, CVU Press (1981). Translation from Czech.
  • Morovy Sloup: The Plague Monument by Jaroslav Seifert, CVU Press (1981). Translation from Czech used by the Nobel Committee in granting Seifert his prize.

6 thoughts on “Books

  1. Lyn, I like your new website and I subscribe. Hope to see here soon the collection of American and Russian plays not forthcoming but edited. Best wishes in the International Women’s Day (8-th March).

    • Hi, Sergey- More and more, I appreciate your honesty. Sorry I bridled.
      You are a man of integrity. Thank you- We’ll see what happens with the
      book. I hope you are well.

  2. I heard your translations of Mohsen Emadi at AWP and wonder if your translation of his work has come out yet. If not, when do you expect it will. I very much would like to buy two copies.

    Thank you,

    Lindsey Royce

    • Hi, Lindsey- Thank you for writing. It’s not available yet. I am hoping for early next year. In the meantime, if you
      are interested, I hope you’ll check out my story Counting the Wounds on and let me know what you think.
      Thank you for your interest.

  3. Hello Lyn,
    I am thrilled beyond words to hear about your translation of The Knight in the Panther Skin. When will it be available?


    • Hi, Ilina- Thank you for your words of praise. You can go to the Poezia Press facebook site and find out everything. As of now, it is available in bookstores
      throughout Tbilisi, a few in London, and will soon be available on Amazon. All the best, Lyn

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